April 26, 2007

Faststone :A free & fast screen capture tool

If you don't want to spend money on Snagit,but still want a good screen capturer.Then i have a good news for you.There's a new tool available that'll satisfy your greediness.
Faststone is what it is called and as the name indicates it's really fast.Snagit consumes a good amount of system resources for those unwanted features one never uses.Especially bloggers will find this tool useful because faststone is a tool that will keep the pace of your thought.And guess what it's totally free.This 1.3mb download is a hassle free installation and gives an even better performance.
You can download Faststone from here.


  1. OMG, That is slick.

    It could not have come at a better time because I am in the middle of a big documentation product.

    Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.


  2. mwsnap is a good tool
    it works for screen capturing too
    its free


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