April 22, 2007

Esnips will beat Scribd in archiving pirated E-books

Scribd was a publisher's nightmare turned into reality.But if you're a publisher then
get ready for more shocks as E-snips is all set to beat Scribd in providing a platform for sharing pirated e-books.Unlike Scribd,esnips is a 'upload&share' site like rapidshare.With the help of their search feature i was able to track 'a well tagged'list of 1000s of ebooks.It's getting popular very fast and already has a good user base to spread it's name.And one more thing to assure that this medium of piracy will be growing is that it's been indexed by search engines pretty well.Although it's not what esnips have intented to be.Enips has been performing on the side as an excellent platform for artists and webmasters to promote and sell their content.Let's see where it goes.

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