December 21, 2011

What is SWAG ?

SWAG - So you've heard this new word come up a couple of times during chat with friends or overheard someone commenting on someone else's swag and been wondering what is this swag after all? Well SWAG is the new slang term for style,charisma,hipness etc. etc.

Who's got swag?

Someone who really knows how to carry himself or herself in his chosen attire has SWAG.And if you look around you ll find a lot of people who had swag much before the word originated and some who will never have "it" even after the word goes out of use.
Swag is about the overall combination of attire and attitude.Style meditates to become Swag.So swag could be understood more like a 'Nirvana of styling'.The attainment of perfection.The ultimate showcase of confidence.In most cases swag accompanies an air of roughness for men and rudeness for women.

How to get swag?

Swag-you either have it or you practice it until you get it.Swag starts with self-grooming.Cleanliness is an important factor.You can't have any swag in dirty fingernails and untrimmed hair .However shaggy hairstyles can sometimes have swag if you have that charismatic bad boy personality.If you're not sure about that then go the clean way.Start with
hairstyles that suit your face.Whatever you carry,be in comfort.Men can match it with appropriate trendy facial hairstyle.Women can accessorize with stylish earrings and nontraditional make up styles.The advantage of the nontraditional way is that you EARN instant attraction wherever you go.

Attributes of people with swag

  • Unbeatable self confidence
  • A unique style statement of their own
  • Class in walk and talk
  • Never a copy cat or wannabe
  • Elegant selection of body wear
  • Guts to go unorthodox when it comes to combining colors
Some people with swag


Male celebrities like Pitbull,Akon,Bradley Cooper etc. have a swag of their own.They reflect confidence and carry their attire in the most stylish way possible.There are a lot of male celebrities who swag it out with blings and branded costumes,developing a rich look which is very desirable.


Pop icons like Madonna,Lady Gaga and even Nicky Minaj are epitomes of lady swag.They have something about them that is instantly likeable. Ok instantly attractive if not likeable.
Whether you like it or not,you remember a side of their personality that stays with you even after the music video has finished playing.

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