December 23, 2011

How Can I Change The Internet Through My Writing Career?

Real issues arise when the thoughtful ones remains silent and the rest do the talking.And
Internet is the best possible example.Everyone has to feed their innate need to be heard & valued.If you have been a close observer of the Internet,you might have noticed that with the evolution of the web to what has been termed "web 2.0"(a collective term for social networks,blogs etc),once a perpetual knowledge machine transformed into an overloaded senseless junk.Internet is not a information database anymore,moreover it has become what could be called - "opinion bank".

Realistically speaking,I dont think i can change the internet,i am nobody in a world wide web where people jam the servers of papparazi sites/porn sites and call the world sick.I don't think we live in an age where word jugglery could give either "pleasure to the eye-balls" or "food for the soul".Although i would not like to quit without giving a shot either.I believe that if you talk sensible stuff,sooner or later you will get noticed by people who understand sensible stuff.I write blogs,i do tweets and i publish ideas on my facebook updates.I cater a small but intelligent audience in whose mind my ideas reverb.I truly understand the power of an idea as every tremendous feats we have reached so far where once unachievable and the only thing that fueled them were those simple ideas.That is exactly what i wish to fight for.Original people with original ideas.Happy writing.

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