April 25, 2008

Yahoo Fighting Click Frauds.Invalid Clicks Wont Be Making Money

Yahoo has introduced a new system to eliminate invalid clicks or what may be termed as fraudulent clicks.The system is called 'Click Protection System' and the publisher will be getting a 'Click Filter Report' on his YPN homepage.This report will be a summary of the clicks identified as invalid.Yahoo has introduced this system so as to ensure quality traffic to its advertisers.In Yahoo 's terms this would be a big blow to all click fraud mafia who targets a particular industry in most cases.

The practicality of this system is yet to be seen.However Yahoo seems to be optimistic about getting positive results.The report is anyhow made customisable with option to include details like Impressions,invalid clicks, invalid click rate, and average cost-per-click.This new system introduction will be followed by many such plans as a part of Yahoo's quest for quality traffic production.Yahoo's tie up with 'Click Forensics' might be one of the best measures ever taken by the YPN.

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