April 25, 2008

How To Capture Streaming Audio Or Any Sound That Plays On Your Computer Using Free Software Audacity

Yes you read it right.You can capture any streaming audio content using audacity and this doesn't cost you a penny.You can get a free copy of Audacity from here.Once you have installed audacity,open a new file.Set the recording medium as 'Stereo mix'.Click on the recording button and open your browser and open the streaming content link.Play till the end and after that stop recording at Audacity.Do a little bit of trim work to chip
of the blank portions at the beginning.

You can also do the same to capture any sound playing on your computer.Audacity does not allow to save the recording as mp3 on default.Don't worry!!You can tackle this easily by downloading a dll file-lame_enc.dll and copying it to the plugin directory of audacity.Once you have done this,you will be able to save your recordings in mp3 format.Happy Recording..

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