November 25, 2007

Make your firefox browser work faster by not allowing scripts to run Or Try NoScript.

Javascripts can really be the much needed angels and at the same time be the uninvited demons when it comes to security in firefox.Javascripts make you vulnerable to script attacks which can cost you your passwords,card numbers or even a system crash.The best way to prevent this is to disable javascripts by choosing Tools>Options>Content>Uncheck 'Enable Javascript'.

But this will certainly cost you some extremely necessary features.So the only option you have got is to allow javascripts to run from trusted sites only.The firefox extension No script is for this purpose.It allows execution of javascripts from trusted sources only and thereby help you make your firefox browser much much safer than before.The domains chosen as trusted depends entirely upon your choice.

You can install this handy tool from here.

Customize facebook with custom skins,album viewers, hidden access features and more

If you are a facebook junkie running firefox then there is a good news for you.You can customize your facebook homepage with a dozen modifications and create a totally unique page using firefox extension Boost.Boost already has a tremendous user base of 80k+ and the fan following is only increasing.

Some of the notable features are:

* Boost Toolbar with pop-up notifications
* You can update your status right from toolbar
* Friend sidebar with status updates
* View hidden albums and photos
* Auto-refresh homepage
* Rollover any picture for full size view
* Hide all applications and related info
* Hide all advertisements
* Poke-o-matic poke option
* Redesign link layout
* Ability to load all album images in one page
* Fresh skins
* Skins for school banners
* Rollover all profile pic thumbnails
* Download Full albums in one click
* Auto-Login with saved password
* One-click pokes
* 3 Supercharged Album options
* Skinned banners
* 12-hour turnaround support

It is an extension worth downloading for all those die-hard firefox fans.
You can download Boost for Facebook 6.1.3 from here

November 16, 2007

Some Useful Greasemonkey Scripts For Orkut,Facebook And Gmail

Download MP3Tube:Downloads mp3 from MP3Tube

Folders4Gmail:Organize your Gmail labels in a folder-like hierarchy with the Folders4Gmail userscript.

No Facebook Ads:Frees facebook from ads.Removes Facebook Flyer and Network adverts

Scrap all friends:Sends common scraps to all orkut friends

Enhance GMail:Integration of Google Calendar, and a better Google Chat. Removal of the invites box, Google user id from the top bar, and the footer.

Gmail Beautifier 2.0:Hides/Shows ads in Gmail, widens email body, removes beta from Gmail logo (disabled by default), & gives buttons a better look.

November 10, 2007

Tricks To Fasten Up Windows XP Boot,Reboot And Start up

Are you sick and tired of Windows xp's old man behaviour,then this will help you.Here are two techniques that will speed up start-up,booting and reeboting speed of your windows.

1.Increase virtual memory of your windows drive

Click 'My Computer'>>Click 'View System Information'>>Advanced>>
Click on settings beneath Performance>>Advanced>>
On the bottom click on 'change'>>Choose the drive>>
Select custom size>>Enter intial size and Max size(values between 900 and 1024 is ideal)>>Click ok.

You will surely see faster start-ups and booting.

2.Get rid of those themes and skins
If you are a kind of guy who is into windows xp customization then you might have noticed that those themes and visual styles take up a lot of system resource and RAM.Getting rid of those alterations and compromising with traditional xp themes will surely boost up your computer's speed.

3.Stop unnecessary programs from loading
Click 'Start'>>Run>>Type in 'msconfig' without quotes>>Select 'Selective start up'>>Click on 'Start up' tab>>Uncheck all the ones that you dont use too often>>Click ok.

4.Defragment your windows drive once in a while
Use Disk Defragmenter and defragment your windows drive.This will surely boost up booting speed.

November 01, 2007

Secret Code To Unmask And See The Private Number On Nokia Mobiles.How is that?

Receiving blank calls from a private number??Here is how you can find the number which is labeled "private".Type in the code *#30# while on call and you can unmask the private number.This code will work on most Nokia phones.

Zoom Your FLV Videos To Desired Width Using GOM Player

If you are a regular Youtuber,the chances are that you are downloading your favourite videos in .flv format and using the traditional Flv player to play those videos.But the problem you may now very well be accostomed to will be that you can only switch video sizes between x and 2x zoom.Some videos don't even allow 2x.So to tackle the problem get the remedy in the form of GOM player-the potetial flv player killer.

GOM player allows you to get rid of the zooming problem of flv player and also provides a dozen of other features too.It has an exclusive feature which is that it can play broken AVI files.
It also lets you take screencaptures upto 999 continous shots.

It also has a feature that lets you repeat a section of your video with our A-B Repeat feature.You can also decide the brightness, contrast and saturation of the videos being played.GOM player seems to be getting really close to what we would like to call "A complete media player".Its a 4mb download worth it.

You can download GOM playerDownload Gomplayer from here.