November 25, 2007

Customize facebook with custom skins,album viewers, hidden access features and more

If you are a facebook junkie running firefox then there is a good news for you.You can customize your facebook homepage with a dozen modifications and create a totally unique page using firefox extension Boost.Boost already has a tremendous user base of 80k+ and the fan following is only increasing.

Some of the notable features are:

* Boost Toolbar with pop-up notifications
* You can update your status right from toolbar
* Friend sidebar with status updates
* View hidden albums and photos
* Auto-refresh homepage
* Rollover any picture for full size view
* Hide all applications and related info
* Hide all advertisements
* Poke-o-matic poke option
* Redesign link layout
* Ability to load all album images in one page
* Fresh skins
* Skins for school banners
* Rollover all profile pic thumbnails
* Download Full albums in one click
* Auto-Login with saved password
* One-click pokes
* 3 Supercharged Album options
* Skinned banners
* 12-hour turnaround support

It is an extension worth downloading for all those die-hard firefox fans.
You can download Boost for Facebook 6.1.3 from here

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