November 10, 2007

Tricks To Fasten Up Windows XP Boot,Reboot And Start up

Are you sick and tired of Windows xp's old man behaviour,then this will help you.Here are two techniques that will speed up start-up,booting and reeboting speed of your windows.

1.Increase virtual memory of your windows drive

Click 'My Computer'>>Click 'View System Information'>>Advanced>>
Click on settings beneath Performance>>Advanced>>
On the bottom click on 'change'>>Choose the drive>>
Select custom size>>Enter intial size and Max size(values between 900 and 1024 is ideal)>>Click ok.

You will surely see faster start-ups and booting.

2.Get rid of those themes and skins
If you are a kind of guy who is into windows xp customization then you might have noticed that those themes and visual styles take up a lot of system resource and RAM.Getting rid of those alterations and compromising with traditional xp themes will surely boost up your computer's speed.

3.Stop unnecessary programs from loading
Click 'Start'>>Run>>Type in 'msconfig' without quotes>>Select 'Selective start up'>>Click on 'Start up' tab>>Uncheck all the ones that you dont use too often>>Click ok.

4.Defragment your windows drive once in a while
Use Disk Defragmenter and defragment your windows drive.This will surely boost up booting speed.


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