June 19, 2007

Is your blog stunning+Prepared for the D-day?

  • Is your blog stunning?
  • Can it convert first time visitors into regulars?
  • Is it good enough to be mentioned & linked by authoritatve 'biggie' blogs?
If you answered an yes for all the three quetions then you're here ny mistake.If no was in the answers,read on.

What makes a blog stunning?
It's eye candy template does,its perfect ten formatting does.But more importantly it's smartness & usability is what makes a blog stunning.While a good lookin template can give your blog a charismatic first impression it's not a pre-requisite and you can surely do without it.If you are writing sensible stuff @ your blog,people will start giving importance to your content rather than your design.Formatting...You better should do it or get ready to send somegood bunch of readers away.Spell check,blockqoutes,picture&text alignment well done is really a bonus.These small things can really reveal your degree of seriousness & professionalism.

The aspect i wish to bring your attention on is smartness & usability.The best way to build a loyal readership base is to make your first time visitors understand that you are useful.You must make them feel that there is plenty of profit for them if they stick around.Don't hide your best articles and leave them to be discovered from the archives.If you do so then they are likely to be left undiscovered forever.No one will care to dig deeper unless they realize that your blog is worth digging deeper.Put your best posts right before the reader's eyes.Put them on your sidebar,link from your latest posts to your masterpieces.Let those best works of yours scream for you.

Take a look at how Amit @ Digital Inspiration had done this.He has got a good number of useful posts under his cap and he knows precisely how to make those articles work for him.A simple design of Digital Inspiration will not send readers away because one look at the sidebar and you know the site is bravo.This practises not only emphasises your blog content but also help a blogger multiply the number of page views per visitor hence increase chances of monetization.

The D-day will come......

Why should you make your blog stunning?This is something i have realised from my mistakes.When Blogger Whale got linked by Lifehacker and subsequently topped the del.icio.us popular page it wasn't stunning.And this mistake did cost me huge.I could have converted at least a portion of the 10s of 1000s of unique visitors reached that way into regular visitors.So you better not repeat my mistake because you never know who is going to find you today.

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  1. great blog i have added it to my technorati faves. would be grateful for reciprocation.

    later all and have a profitable and productive day


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