May 22, 2007

SpeedFan-Overclock your PC safely

If you have technically lesser knowledge about overclocking but still want to see your PC working at tremendous speeds then Speedfan is the tool for you.SpeedFan touts itself as a monitor for your system's temperature and fan speed and lets you easily overclock your PC and then adjust the fan speed so it doesn't overheat.
Speedfan is a 1.5mb download comatible with
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows XP and Windows Vista.It can help you a lot to find the reasons for an unpredictable reboot or for a failing hard disk. It can tell you whether you are likely to experience temperature related issues and can help you to greatly reduce the noise at work or while watching a movie.But one negative factor is that it takes lot of resources on your motherboard.
You can download Speedfan from here.

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