May 21, 2007

A hoax experiment and some story crafting

Last week i was reading an article on a popular virus hoax on the internet.Something in that caught my mind.For a couple of days i was wondering about "How a hoax gets spread and what makes it believable?".After referring some more resources i reached to a conclusion that crafting of the story was one of the factors that determined the success of a hoax.But the most important aspect of it was the audience.How does an audience behave to a hoax?I was now fed up with referring and decided to craft one and experience the behaviour.Not being a creative genius caused idea hindrances.Greasemonkey seemed to be the last resort.And i crafted a hoax.

The ingredients of a perfect hoax

  1. A popular tycoon (eg:Google) to attack on.
  2. Assistance of facts and figures.
  3. Catchy titles and description.
  4. A hoax receptive audience.

The final ingredient was my point of research.And from the results i found this.
  • 40% will digest it.
  • 30% will get contradicted.
  • 30% will get the catch.
  • From that 30%,10% will respond.

And who spreads the plague?
The contradicted 30%.They spread the stuff.They discuss it in forums,forward the mails and this way a successful hoax is born.And a funny aspect is that some of them would even link to the story.Ooh la la.

Blogging and story crafting

So what has this to do with blogging.If a hoax can get viral then why can't a classy blog post.So lets put it in blog terms.

Ingredients of a perfect blog post

  1. Topic:A problem that is common in your niche with no satisfying solution online(Google the topic).
  2. A well written post with assistance of facts & figures.
  3. Catchy title & description.
  4. Last but not the least,a answer seeking audience.
Link well throughout the post and see the post go viral.

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