May 12, 2007

How to fill PDF forms online?

Update[july18,2008]:As one of our readers had a complaint about the site pdffiller,i have come up with a easier alternative to this.I will be shortly posting the technique as a fresh article @ Blogger Whale.Check back soon for updates

You might have indulged with pdf forms in many circumstances and might have chosen an alternate method for formfilling since you thought it to be too hard for a job.Some pdf forms cannot be filled on screen,ofcourse what they were thinking was to print the pdf and fill it manually.

Thankfully there's a solution for this problem.You can use PDF fillerand online pdf form filling tool that'll help you fill forms like IRS tax forms without dropping much sweat.All you need to do is to upload the pdf file and click on any place of the form and start typing.Then you can print or email the modified form.This can be used to fill those forms which don't have onscreen filling facility.

Determine whether a PDF form can be filled on screen

To determine if you can fill a PDF form on screen, check to see if it contains interactive form fields and check for restrictive security settings. (For more information about PDF security settings, see the Acrobat or Adobe Reader Help.)

To determine whether a form contains interactive form fields:

1. Open the form in an Acrobat product.

2. Select the Hand tool, and then drag it over fields in the PDF form. The form contains form fields if the Hand tool changes to either of the following icons:

-- An I-beam (the Text Select tool, which you use to type text in a text field).

-- A pointing hand (which you use to select an option or to check a box)

3. In Acrobat 3D, Acrobat 7, or Adobe Reader 7, click Highlight Fields and/or Highlight Required Fields in the Document Message Bar. Interactive fields will display a colored fill.

Note: If you use Acrobat 3D or Acrobat Professional, you can verify that a form contains form fields by selecting a form tool; Acrobat then highlights any form fields. On Windows XP, form fields are highlighted in blue.

In such cases you can either print the form and fill it manually or use the text box tool but Pdf filler is more flexible since it readily creates an image of the form which can be mailed directly.


  1. works really well. It`s a very useful link. Very simple and convenient. I like it.

  2. THIS COSTS $10 - and they don't tell you that until you finish and you try to download it.

  3. its not free and hence useless.

  4. pdffiller is very misleading. I purchased the $9.99 option, only to find it is a reoccurring charge. It also mislead me into thinking I purchased a converted version of my form, which I could place on my website for others to fill in and email to me. That is not the case. The form must go through the pdffiller server, where my customers will have to pay for "filling in the form, and for faxing" the form. This is not at all what I wanted, but there tech support was quick to say for $49+setup charge, they would provide this service for one year, for one form. Once again, this is not at all what I thought I was getting. By the way - I have cancelled any further reoccurring charges.

  5. agree with the latest post, its not free, I would recomend you, its free account service let you send links by email to anybody and download any number of forms. better indeed.

  6. Hi,
    you should include, way much better and actually offers a free service.
    Also, and more important, third party people dont need to register to fill in the forms.

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