April 29, 2007

How to market using Youtube?Learn Youtube Marketing From Eros Entertainment

I accidentally happened to notice a familiar name below a video while surfing through
Youtube.The video submitter's name put me in perplexion first but later it made complete sense to me.The name was 'Eros Entertainment',a familiar name for movie buffs here in India.They aren't the present leader in their industry but they soon will become because the marketing strategies they are using is worth appreciation.This is what they have done.As any serious video company will have they have their list of movies with them.Eros provide their hit videos on Youtube.They display their website url on these videos and this way they promote their website.This is not it.They are not upto making PPC money from Adsense.They are upto serious stuff.They are selling their product every single way possible completely utilizing the power of Web(or Web2.0).They are providing paid download facility for everything they have acquired licence to sell like mp3 and mobile content.What fascinates me completely is that this promotion technique which is underlooked by industry tycoons like Fox and ABC is been put to good use by this company.

How bloggers and webmasters can use this technique?
If you're a blogger or a webmaster trying hard to promote your site then never undermine the power of Youtube.Millions of people come this way everyday for something of their interest.What you can do is decide an attractive topic targeting niche audience.Find a suitable subject and make a screencast of it.You can use a free software Camstudio for the job.But if you are ready to pay some money for a better product go for Techsmith's Camtasia Recorder.Don't forget to edit the cast and put your site url where ever possible.Wild promotion is totally fine and is rewarding and often justified at the end.The result is true success and a lasting space in the viewer's subconcious mind.And make sure you choose a clear and attracive title and tag it well so that people land on your video quite often.Use some youtube promotion techniques to increase the view count which will get you in youtube's popular pages and if you're lucky enough who knows you'll get to youtube's homepage.Feel like going too far.I felt like this weeks before i got 'Digged' when i was planning a Diggbait but after getting Digged i knew that those who have a vision always succeed no matter what.So go for it.And stay in touch for more techniques.Subscibe to Blogger Whale if you liked this post.

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