April 02, 2007

8 killer ways to promote your Youtube,Metacafe videos

Millions of videos are uploaded at Youtube and many similar video sharing sites like metacafe and dailymotion every single day.The driving force behind most submissions being 'that never ending desire for instant fame'.But only a few make it to the top page and the rest dissappear in the midst of junk.Since there is no specific voting system other than that traditional 'star rating',the more number of views your video gets the more easy it gets to put the video in a status of perpetual popularity.So here are a few ways to give your videos that initial pitch assuming you've a good video in hand.

1.Submit it to Digg's video section.Tons of people check out this section and if you get digged,then it will skyrocket the number of views.And the competition in this section is comparitively less compared to the other sections.

Quick tip:Make sure you write eye-catchy and tempting headlines which urge them to check out the video.

2.Stumble the video.Tell your friends to stumble the video.Send your video to 5 or 6 blogs to review.Getting on the frontpage of stumbleupon will have somewhat the same effect of getting on the frontpage of digg.

3.Post to video discussion boards and forums.Ask for feedback and request them to stumble it.

4.Join communities with fat memberships in social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook.Put links to your video and ask for feedback.

Quick tip:Be fair.Don't spam.Don't market yourself desperately.

5.Use social bookmarking sites for giving more exposure.

6.Find bloggers blogging on subject related to your video.That is if your video is on technology you can find some technology blogger.Make sure that the bloggers you choose have considerable followership.You can find them by searching Technorati blog directory or Google blog search.Mail them you video.If they like your video they will link to it.The readers of such blogs will help circulation of your video.

7.Submit your video to Video bomb.Video bomb is a place where people
share best online videos they find.

8.Tag smartly.Tag enough.People will discover your videos automatically if you've smartly tagged.Be general and clear about the video while tagging.Utilize the tag limit.More the tags the more is the chance of your video getting discovered.

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