April 03, 2007

The Mybloglog-Adsense disagreement

I was skimming around Mybloglog stats for Blogger Whale for March27 when my eyes hung
up on the 'What users clicked' box.It showed that 5 readers clicked on the adsense ads i display on Blogger Whale.Call that 'Blogger syndrome' or 'Blogger instinct' i signed in to my adsense account in a flash.To my surprise,i discovered that those clicks hadn't got counted on Adsense.As an immediate response i quickly pounced on my G-mail and typed a message to adsense asking explanation.This is what i got as a reply.

"I understand that you are concerned about a potential discrepancy between
your own website tracking reports and the statistics reported within your
AdSense account. We count impressions only when the AdSense ad code is
executed by a user's browser. Therefore, there are several factors that
would cause the impressions you register to differ from the impressions
listed in your Google AdSense account. Instances that wouldn't execute the
ad code include:

· Other spiders, robots, crawlers from other search engines
· Browsers that don't have JavaScript enabled or don't support JavaScript
· Browsers that don't support the iframe tag
· Programs that people may have written to grab website content"

-Adsense team

The reasons for the 'uncounted clicks' were obvious and i wouldn't have cared to mail them if i didn't loose my senses after browsing through my own Mybloglog stats,thanks to Mybloglog for blinding me for half-an-hour.My dear readers don't get blinded.

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