September 16, 2010


At this very moment as you read this millions of dollars of tobacco sales are happening world wide. And the reason is "You".And don't be surprised. Its because of many of us that tobacco is the biggest addiction known to man-kind. Here in this article i tell you 10 hacks which will help you get the idea of smoking out of your mind.When you feel like smoking....

1.Drink a Juice. Why? Because juices detoxifies. However big smoker you maybe you would struggle to smoke a single cigarette once you have stopped smoking say for a week or so. Ever felt the same??That's because the blood has purified itself since the last time you smoke. There is lesser nicotine. And the new nicotine in the blood is rejected and you feel dizzy. So drink a juice,detox yourself and loose the habit.

2.Use Chew gums. Yeah. Just keep the mouth busy and you will soon forget the urge to smoke. Its an old techniques but still works.

3.Think about the more visible & quicker side effects of smoking

You smoke and your family knows. There is a good chance Your kid will pick up the habit

Your gf/wife wont like to kiss something that smells carbon and spits coal.

Your skin and lips get darker

Hair falls and baldness follows

You get ugly teeth.

4.Go to gym. Our mind reshapes according to the atmosphere we exist in. Be in the company of smokers,you would struggle to quit smoking. Go to gym,meet health conscious individuals. You will meet a lot of ex-smokers there. Get some motivation from them. Working out makes your skin healthier and body more toned. Who wouldn't wanna be hotter??

5.Spend time with a woman. Make sure she is a non-smoker. Yeah it could be your girlfriend ,wife,mom, daughter. sis or a friend. Men smoke lesser in the company of women.

6.Indulge in a sports.I can tell because i play soccer. You need a lot of "lungs" to play. If you are regular player, your love for the sport will eventually make you quit smoking.

7.Drink lots of water. Water hydrates the throat and the soul. A cigarette wont be an immediate necessity. I have tried it and it works.

8.Plunge into the pool. Swimming takes a lot of energy,time and also freshens up the mind. The pleasure of swimming is lot better that the brief moment of intoxication.

9.Visit a cancer center. You will see the people who were lesser fortunate with life. That can make you value what you have more.

10.If you still think this list ain't good enough .Use a e-cigarette. At least cut-off the smoke for the rest of the world.

Good luck folks.

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