October 21, 2008

How to rip songs or any audio from online radio stations and jukeboxes?

There are lot of awesome online jukeboxes and radio stations which stream the rarest of rarest songs to find.Sites like Last.fm,Pandora,Audiobaba,Mystrands etc have good follower base for the same reason.And if you are one of those music junkies who search hours on end to gift your ears that tune you loved,this is an article that you will love.This tutorial requires a freeware called Audacity.So lay you hands on it first.It's a simple 3mb download.Get it from here.After installing it read on this step by step tutorial .

Step1:Open the song you want to record from the online jukebox.
Step2:Before the streaming starts start Audacity and choose the recording medium as 'Stereo mix'.
Step3:As the song starts playing click on record on audacity.
Step4:Stop the recording as the streaming stops.
Step5:Download lame_enc.dll and copy this dll file on the plugin directory of Audacity.Lame_enc enables you to save audacity recordings in mp3 format.
Step6:Click on save as and choose 'save as mp3 files' and get your recording in mp3.

Hope this article gave you what you were looking for.Keep checking this place for updates.


  1. I had a post on this some time back. Just that I used a slightly different path.

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