August 03, 2010

Find Details About Your Organic Search Engine Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools

Having a clear idea about the keywords that lead to your site might help you in understanding in a better way the topics in demand on SEs.Rather than reporting on current news that will be irrelevant a few months from now is certainly a bad investment as far as a blogger is concerned.So concentrate on writing timeless content that will keep getting you traffic for a good period of time.And another suggestion,you don't need to bother about getting high PR and competition.If you have a decent PR and you are posting enough there is enough room for you in the industry.It will eventually make you good money.Now let me tell you how to find all the 'queries' for which links to your site show up and get clicked.

First you need to log in to Google webmaster tools.Now add a sitemap to your site if you haven't added yet.This is a great investment as sitemaps results in better crawling of your site.You will have to wait for a week to get your first detailed report of traffic to your site.When your report is ready,Go to the dashboard and click on Statistics and click on Top search queries.On the current page you will be able to see the 'Top 20 queries' that your site show-up on and the 'Top 20 queries' clicked to your site.Now below the table you will see a link 'Download all query stats for this site'.Click on it and you will be able to download a .csv file.Download it and open it on spreadsheet apps like Microsoft excel.You can study in detail about the posts that are really bringing the traffic and this might help in better publishing in days to come.I hope you found this information useful.Keep Blogging and stay with Blogger Whale.


  1. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

  2. I love webmaster tools! I get more information from them than many of the other SEO tools I use!


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