October 31, 2007

Blogger Whale now has PR4 and is expanding!!!

The happy news arrived at last and finally all the work for the past few months have payed off in the form of an uplift in PR.Though Google is getting all the wrong stares for the rude show on text link ad publishers,we here at Blogger Whale is quite contented at the move."Thanks for ripping out some competition Google".And guess what we have a surprise for you-"We Are Expanding".Apologies for not posting continuously for the last few days,the reason being busy schedule in the "out of the web" life and now you can expect quality posts from now onwards as Blogger Whale will be publishing articles by talented guest bloggers from different provinces of expertise.We will now be handling topics other than blogging & tech tips while the priority will be the former.
Topics we are planning to dig into include:

  • Productivity Tips
  • Gadgets
  • Communication
  • Start ups
  • Video blogging or Vlogging
  • Softwares
  • Hacks
  • Tutorials
  • Internet

So stay with us while we provide you interesting and useful stuff to read."Sayonara"

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