August 17, 2007

Learn things you always wanted to using Youtube,Metacafe and everything Web2.0

One of the brightest feature of web2.0 is the fact that it gives out 'too much information' with 'no moderation'.I don't thing this is a dangerous situation because 'too much information' is valid for only those who care to digest it & guess what there are a few who understand that aspect of the web.If you wanted to learn something 10 years back;you needed a tutor,enough money to pay the tutor and lots of nerve to withstand inconvenient timings & compromises.Now in this "era of user gen. content" as i would like to put it,you can leave the tutor jobless and save that money for something and decide when your learning time starts.That's what web2.0 has given us.

Now the biggest hurdle you need to jump is to discover your thirst from the junk-pool.We have humongous data relevant and useless.All we want is to regroup these relevant ones into a list.Suppose you are surfing Youtube and you want to learn something productive and you have no idea what.Don't worry that is a common problem.I am suggesting some tips here which you can use to get this job done and expand your knowledge room.

Hunting Youtube and other services for tutorials

You can find tutorials by using smart keywords while searching and here are some formats that might help.

Search keywords

How to make "phrase"
How to "phrase"
Tutorial "phrase"
Learn "phrase"
Tips on "phrase"

All you need to do is to replace "phrase" by your topic of interest.

To get a random list of tutorials

On Youtube:

Search for How to's

Search "How to"

Search "How to make"

Search "Tutorials"

Search "Learn"

Search "Tips on"

On ifilm:

Though the directory is not big as Youtube you still can grab some good videos here.

Search "Tutorials"

Search "How to"

So the next time you feel like learning,why not learn from your favourite video pool.The internet is all yours to be xplored,Go hunting.

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