June 10, 2007

The Secret Of Networking Using Mybloglog

I can guarantee that this trick will help you become an influential blogger within 2months provided if you keep following this technique steadily and progressively.What you will do is utilize the vast directory of Mybloglog to spread out your blog name and with it your name.

The trick
Mybloglog is one of the best places for finding related blogs [Technorati is still alive i suppose].Just search for your topic and you will for sure find 1000s of similar blogs.Now the trick starts here.Discover some blogs in your niche.Now visit the blog and make a comment on the latest post you see on that blog.Don't make two word comments or one-liners.Go beyond that be elaborate.Make them think.Praise or give a suggestion.Remember to leave a link to your blog after the comment.Now it's a boring idea isn't it.But consider it on a long term basis.You comment on 10 blogs a day.In 30 days you have conversed with 300 blogs and in 2months the number progresses to 600.The profit of this is that these bloggers start taking notice of you and more importantly your posts.And as you make a comment on a blog,add the author as a contact @ Mybloglog.This way you'll make sure they won't forget you.

The most beneficial result from this is that you will score some easy links as you post because you're posting about what you and they are passionate about.More links from more niche blogs means more exposure to your target audience.And as you keep on improving as a blogger,you also improve as a socialite.

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