May 10, 2007

Feedburner hack:Prompt your unverified subscribers[via mail] to increase the deserving hype in feedcount

Feeds via mail is a great service by Feedburner to attract those section of readers uncomfortable with the idea of Rss.But going a step further to ensure everything is fine is your duty as a responsible blogger.Sometimes your subscription confirmation email may be lost in the bunch of email these users recieve and those email will be left unverified.This 'unverified email' thing is a common event happening with many bloggers these days.This will not make any blogger happy as it clinches some hard earned fans from one.But there is a solution for this.You can track out cases where this has occoured and send a reminder letter which may be the best thing for both parties.You can find these unverified mails from the 'subscription management' below 'Subscribe via mail' in feedburner.Now go to communication preferences and copy the confirmation letter message on to a notepad file and signin to the email you've provided to feedburner[because this email is the one which is used as your brand email by feedburner].Now compose a letter with that copied message and send it to all those unverified subscribers of yours.Kudos!!!You've done your part,now wait for them to play theirs.

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  1. Hi, I followed the guidelines, thanks for the inputs, however, where I am wondering is, I couldn't find a place where I could locate the ${confirmlink}.

    Any guidance ?


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