May 28, 2007

10 Writing Tips For Bloggers

There are a few things you should consider while making efforts to create flagship content.Here are some of those worth mentioning ones.Feel free to add your own points into it.

1.Write in an audience friendly style.Your aim is not to show off your
word power but to get regular readers who will come back for some content
they can understand.Simplicity attracts everyone.

2.Use sarcasm here & there.Especially when you feel you're going too deep or
technical.A small dose of sarcasm will refresh the reader's mind.He will be
receptive for more after it.

3.Be a versatile writer.Mention subjects or events outside your genre.But there is
a catch here.Don't go too far into areas of less expertise.There are chances of you appearing superficial.So use this tip wisely.

4.Write using positive words.Even if you're attacking some other writer,try not to show regret in your words.Use humour instead.

5.Before penning down controversial pieces choose your stand.If you're advocating someone or criticizing someone be ready for unpleasant responses.

6.When length posts are the product remember to break it down into short paragraphs.It shouldn't look monotonous.Use tip 2.

7.Try not to be repetitive.Try not to use the same catchy words again and again.It's true with the content also.For example if you're writing an article on "Google's acquisition of xyz",don't write like this:

Google acquired xyz,....................Before Google acquired xyz...,It was rumoured that Google will acquire xyz.

Your readers are not dumb.You don't need to be so clear.Instead you can use phrases
or sentences like:..........Before this deal.......,This event was rumoured to happen etc..

8.Look at the big picture,always.Don't get deviated from what you set out to say.So read the whole article a couple of times before you post it and make suitable changes.

9.Know[plan] the end and finish it will.It's genuinely stylish.And end is equally important as a beginning.

10.Don't let typos in.They are the worst enemies and a universal tunr-off [i'm making a point here :)].Thank those who made spell-check and start using it from today.

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  1. I agree with 7 but sometimes it's hard, especially when you're French and write in English :)

  2. Thank you for tips I am worried about my blog i should improve my blog.Now igot some information thankyou


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