April 19, 2007

How to welcome the 'Digg Effect'?

Knowledge of what will be coming gives one a huge deal of advantage as it lets one utilize the forecoming fortune wisely.As far as bloggers are concerned getting on digg frontpage is a huge events as it follows loads of traffic and link love.Apart from SEO's nowadays many bloggers are into creating those diggable posts or what is called digg baiting.While SEO's do it for higher PRs and better positioning in search results,blogger are aiming at higher Technorati ranks,Feed subscribers and Blogrolls.And why not?Many bloggers became A-listers when their articles got digged 3 or 4 times.As many may argue Digg-baiting may not bring targeted traffic.But as from my experience a good amount of visitors from Digg look further for content in your blog and many return for updates.And further more a little bit optimization at the digg period can bring some monetary benefits too.Here are a few things you can do for welcoming the 'Digg effect'.

1)Pay few more bucks for bandwidth:You may have to satisfy as high as 6000 connections per second on the first day at digg.So be prepared.

2)Optimize your ads:Though digger's are said to adblind,good placement of ads can score some clicks.The best positions being just after the title and after the posts.

3)Get the buttons:Once you see that your post is slowly getting popular,make it easy for the readers to share your stuff.Get buttons to other bookmarking sites or add some feedflares if you use Feedburner.This will help you get some bonus traffic.

4)Put your best links forward:After digging the story people will starting looking for more.You should catch their eyes to your best posts and who knows they might digg those stories too.

5)Uploading images:If your posts contains images as a central part don't upload it on sites that has bandwidth limit like Imageshack.Instead upload it on Flickr or Google pages.

6)Don't submit the digged post to other bookmarking sites yourself:Digg frontpage
gives you guaranteed exposure to top users of other top bookmarking sites like
Reddit and del.icio.us.When these top users submit your story it has a better chance
of getting popular because these top users will have a good community base their with
friends who'll make the story popular by just looking at the submitter's name.

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