April 21, 2007

How to learn foreign languages fast & free?

If you have ever been to foreign countries you might have thought how good would it have been if you could speak their languages.Even in businesses,when you've to deal with clients across the world ability to speak their language will help you to a great extent in getting things done.But learning a foreign language when you've little time to spare is an impractical idea in the rushing world.But for the purpose if you combine internet and your ipod[call it Web2.0 magic] you'll become a multi-lingual in no time.How??Just download some useful podcasts and get the job done.I'm listing here a few podcasting destinations which you may find useful in your way to becoming a linguistic acharya.

Free Language podcasts
Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies. India style.
Learn Chinese on Your Terms
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  1. You can find more video podcast to learn Chinese and mandarin. You also can learn more about Chinese culture on CLTV (http://cltv.hellomandarin.com)


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