April 16, 2007

Google will control the economic fuel of the Internet:Microsoft

After loosing to Google in the bid for Double click,Microsoft is running like mad shooting bullets one after other on Google.

"By putting together a single company that will control virtually the entire market. Google will control the economic fuel of the Internet," said Brad Smith, general counsel for Microsoft.The statement says it all.After trying too hard to prevent the takeover Microsoft is desperate because they know,after this deal there's no look back for Google because the $3.1 billion acquisition, announced late Friday, would combine the largest providers of online advertising and make one giant online money maker which will propel millions or should i say a vast majority of websites and blogs and virtually the internet.

DoubleClick utilizes a technology that remembers sites a user visits and serves up relevant ads; Google keeps data about searches conducted on its site.Micrsoft points this as a privacy concern.Smith also added that Google would have "an unprecedented degree" of personal information about a person's activity on the Internet.My take is that Google is already a new age Bigbrother and no one seems to care about the vast information it's gathering everyday.So the privacy concerns is for vain dear Smith.The only group that'll have a problem is Microsoft.

[In response to a news article on Washington post]

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